LTR 30
Non-flexible Through-hole LED
LED Type: Through-hole 508, 30 LEDs/piece (50 cm)
Power: 2W
Voltage: 12 VDC
Luminance: -
Colour Temp: Warm White 3000K / Pure white 6000K
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Angle Degree: -
Material: adhesive by 3M USA tape on the back for easy installation
Dimensions: (W,H) 6 mm X 17 mm.
Weight: -
Applications: Architectural decorative lighting, theaters, aircraft cabins, moodlights, emergency hallway
stairways, backlighting for signage letters, channel letters, cover lighting, etc
Special Features: Long life: up to 100.000 hrs (maintenace free), non-waterproof, suitable for indoor use only
high shock and vibrations resistance. Comes with built-in PIN outlets. Contact: