LSS - 1
Solar Road Studs
Solar Power: 280 mW
Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline panel
Top Cover Material: Polycarbonate
Body Material: Aluminium
Reflector Material: True cube-corner type reflex
Light Colour: yellow, amber, red, white
Number of LEDs: 2 ultra bright LED per side
Function: Flash
Charging Time: <3 hours per day
Working time: over 32 hours continously, per cycle
Storage Type: Battery 1,2V OR S.Capacitor
Storage Capacity: 1800 mAh
Compressive Strength: Up to 1000kgr/cm2
Temperature Range: -40º~80ºC
Visibility Distance: ~1000m (depending on weather conditions)
Dimensions - Body: (L,W,H) 143 mm X 133 mm X 29 mm
Dimensions - Anchor: 54 mm, diameter 26 mm
Weight: 670 gr.
Applications: Roads, highways, avenues, U-turns, dark and/or dangerous
roads, parking lots, and many decorative applications
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